Thursday, November 25, 2010

Super Sprowtz !

"Who would of ever thought F Stokes would be doing a promo video for Disney? This is a very great look for the Chicago Native. Super Sprowtz is a new educational childrens show that teaches kids about the importance of eating healthy. The Super Sprowtz website is supposed to launch tomorrow according to their twitter and the show should be airing sometime next week. So far everything looks great especially this video below, press play." -

SUPER SPROWTZ RAP SONG FEAT. F.STOKES from Super Sprowtz on Vimeo.

Monday, November 22, 2010

On the Road + Super Sprowtz !!

" The real treat of the evening came when F. Stokes picked up the microphone and poured out his thoughts. With no DJ and no one manning his computer/tables/audio, Stokes included some humorous stories about his run-in with hip-hop diva Rihanna, some anecdotes on there being only three other black men in the whole venue, and even a comment that the only person to challenge him to a dance off was one of them.

Joking aside, the guy ripped the microphone to pieces without any backup. On more than two songs, it was his voice that resonated and held the half packed house at attention, not any beats. And when an artist can a cappella his way through songs and garner cheers midway for his powerful lyrics, it's a sign that someone is heading in the right direction.

F. Stokes is heading in the right direction and as odd as it may be that he is on the "Keep It Irish Tour," he is keeping true to his roots and staying true to himself. Stokes hails from Chicago, but calls New York home for now, and in his own words, "it's all a part of the journey." -Denver Westword

F. Stokes was a true gentleman in every sense of the word. Humble, intellectual, polite, and very approachable. He is an amazing artist who puts on an amazing show." - comment by Utah fan

F. Stokes raps about the Super Sprowtz in an exclusive music video featuring the Super Sprowtz themselves.