Tuesday, September 22, 2009

F.I.L.M. = Forever I Love Madison



This pass year has been incredible. The support we've received from this small town that sits on a isthmus has not only eclipse my initial expectations, but rejuvenated the city's hope and belief in a legitimate hip hop artist. We are yours to claim. F.Stokes to Madison is what Murs is to LA. What Brother Ali is to Minneapolis. What Common is to Chicago. Madison, I'm yours.

About once a month the good folks at the Doomtree compound in Minneapolis send me a nice check to account for cd's sold etc. A shit load of these albums are being sent to Wisconsin, so to thank you guys I've teamed with the Dirty Disco Kidz (Mr Physix, Dahnamics, Vinnie Toma and Special Ops) to produce F.I.L.M., a remix of my EP Death Of A Handsome Bride. This remix was made specifically to show my appreciation and gratitude for Madison and its free. Its a gift. Enjoy.

Vinnie Toma is the fucking truth. Number one DJ in Madison (soon to be the world...Denmark in a few months baby!) Vinnie is the motor that keeps the F.Stokes show going. Period.

Dirty Disco Kidz (Mr. Physix, Vinnie Toma, Dahnamics, Special Ops) Will Make your ears bleed (in a good way) and has been described as Electro/ Hip Hop and there children. These guys are guaranteed to throw down a progressive set with benefits.

Also performing at this show is Legendary Jackson, these cats are a phenomenal live act who combine superb production with sick flows. Serious.

And Rambunxious, my brethren from another. In just a matter of months Ram has turned Madison upside down with mic prowess and golden stage presence. So proud of you my dude.

F.I.L.M. will be available at the show ONLY so get there early as supplies will not last. Don't front, all you late comers will still be able to download this puppy for free the night of the show, and knowing my giving spirit, I will probably have a few more tucked away for even the late.


Peace sign high,
F.Stokes and Vinnie Toma

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