Tuesday, October 13, 2009

F. Stokes In The Press

Midwest Broadcast



"It’s clear from the EP’s opening song that F. Stokes is unabashedly honest in his songwriting."

"Nonetheless, Death of a Handsome Bride is a testament to the determined, “do it yourself” mentality in underground hip-hop. F. Stokes deserves praise for his introspective and forthright, yet still evocative lyricism, and Lazerbeak once again validated himself as the one of the best producers in hip-hop that no one knows about. Death of a Handsome Bride shows that listenable, thought-provoking hip-hop is out there, it just might take a little extra work to discover."

Flawless Hustle


"Don’t be confused y’all, this project is real serious."

OG Hip Hop


"I saw this dude live in the Lower East Side and the man can build up a crowd and tear a stage down. I would highly recommend giving a few of his tracks some spins."

MUCH LOVE to Midwest Broadcast, Flawless Hustle and OG Hip Hop

Download F.I.L.M. for FREE and hear for yourself.

Checkout the official F.Stokes YouTube channel where you can watch music videos, live performances AND hear the Death Of A Handsome Bride EP in its entirety.
F. Stokes Official YouTube

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